New Hiking Routes For Our Personal Training Holidays!

We've been trying out some new hiking routes for our personal training holidays - there's so much more of the island to explore! Each time we go out, we are blown away by just how beautiful the island is. It's such a great way to clear the head and burn off some energy, and it's also a great way to see the island properly, in all its glory, outside of the main tourist towns. #hikes #hiking #ibizahikes #trailrunning #personaltrainingholidays #ibizaretreats #personaltrainingibi

Bespoke Personal Training Holiday

Darryl joined us this week for a 2 day intensive PT holiday, this involved around 5 hours of holistic training per day set across various beautiful locations on the island. We covered an array of training styles including HIIT, boxing / pads, hiking, bootcamp, hill running, kettlebells, TRX suspension training and assisted PNF stretching. Thanks for all your hard work Darryl, we look forward to training with you again soon! If you would like more info on our bespoke pers

Go! Run Club, Go!

These guys are amazing! Here's a few of the members of our run club posing pre-race! The Ibiza Marathon came back to Santa Eulalia today for the second year running! Our team ran the 12km, with great times! Such an achievement considering that these guys are fairly new to running! The event is so well organised, with bands and dj's playing along the route, we highly recommend it! If you fancy a sporty trip to Ibiza next year, come and join us in the sunshine! #running #trailr

Trail Running Triumph!

Awesome 8km trail run with the run club this morning, and perfect training temperature! Well done gang! This guy is training for the Ibiza Marathon, hence the professional gear! #ibizamarathon #ibiza2018 #ibiza #runclub #ibizarunclub #trail #trailrun #trailrunning #running #ibiza10km #marathontraining #personaltrainingibiza #personaltrainingholiday #personaltraining #personaltrainer #ibizatrainer

San Carlos Trail Run

San Carlos Trail run today, super hilly yet again! 12.5km, came in at 64 minutes, well done to Matt for also completing a very tough course. Oh and check out my number: 007, just call me Bond! #trailrunning #trailibiza #ibiza #running #trails #ibizafitness #personaltrainingibiza #personaltraining #fitnessholidays

Running is Good for the Soul!

Final training run with the run club before race day on Saturday 😀 Nice 5km past the river and a cheeky little hill up to the church 😉 Well done guys, you and the rest of the team are primed and prepared to smash it on Saturday! We have really enjoyed our trail runs in prep for this! #trailrunning #running #training #fitness #fitfamily #ibiza #team

Training Trail Run

We had our second training trail run today, in preparation for the Santa Eulalia 12km race in April. Great effort from all the team, who turned up and put the miles in despite the rainy / windy weather! Well done guys, one step closer to the goal, remember to keep those stretches going at home! #trailrunning #team #fitfamily #fitness #running #stretches #training

Ibiza Trail Running!

What an immense day! We thoroughly enjoyed our first team Ibiza Trail Run in San Antonio! A bit of rock climbing was thrown in, so it was not for the faint hearted! The views were incredible en route. Well done to our fabulous team for their amazing results! Bring on the next trail run! #trailrunning #team #ibiza10km #running #views #fitfamily #fitness #ibizapersonaltrainer