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Disheartened by the slog of city life in London, Commando Fit Ibiza founders, Neil and Sophie May decided six years ago to follow their hearts when the dream of a healthy, outdoor island lifestyle drew them to Ibiza. 

With an inherent passion for health and fitness, Neil was seeking out the opportunity to run his own fitness company overseas.

Having travelled extensively following his years serving as a Royal Marine Commando, Ibiza had always appealed to him: with its vibrant summers, sleepy winters, and temperate year-round climate; it seemed to be the perfect place for outdoor training.


Neil has always been passionate about fitness, since his kickboxing days as a teenager sparked a love of discipline and strength in him. His fitness training and subsequent work in the city of London as a Personal Trainer gave him the skill set he required to set up a thriving business overseas.


Now an avid holistic fitness fan, Neil enjoys a wide array of fitness specialisations, including everything from body conditioning and strength training to yoga and trail running. No day would ever be complete without a meditation to refocus.


Sophie May, a qualified Hypnotherapist, offers tailored sessions to help clients with many issues and she is of course always on hand to arrange personal training sessions and manage the personal training holidays. With an insider's knowledge of Ibiza, Neil and Sophie are able to offer some great recommendations and are on hand to help make your stay extra special! 

commando fit ibiza team
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