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Personal Training in Ibiza
personal training in Ibiza



One of the many misconceptions in the sports world is that a sports person gets in shape by just playing or taking part in his/her chosen sport. This is simply not true. If you want to achieve the utmost efficiency, see consistent improvements, and ultimately become a well balanced athlete, any sportsman or woman must participate in year round conditioning programs.

The bottom line in sports conditioning and fitness training is physical stress – sportsmen and women must put their bodies under a certain amount of stress (overload) to increase physical capabilities.

Commando Fit Ibiza can design you a sport specific conditioning programme. Our Head Trainer Neil Beechey is qualified in Strength and Sports Conditioning and can visit you anywhere in Ibiza for personal training and consultations.


Perhaps you want a more sculpted, muscular look, maybe an athletic physique? You may not believe it but you do have the capacity to change the way your body looks. At Commando Fit Ibiza we can you help you reach those goals so that you no longer have to see them as unachievable. We have the experience of working with men and women of all ages.

Toned legs,  sculpted arms, defined abdominals or more defined glutes. Everyone has certain areas of their body they would like to improve. We can target and isolate specific muscles to perfect any problem areas.

When working with our Personal Trainer in Ibiza it is possible to dramatically change the way your body looks, all it takes is expert guidance, will power and effort. We will be there every step of the way to ensure you hit and exceed your goals.



Many people find that it can be a constant struggle to lose or, even maintain their ideal weight. There are many contributing factors to this: lifestyle, diet, metabolism and of course exercise, to name just a few. When Personal Training with Commando Fit Ibiza we deal with all of these factors individually, it is not all about making you sweat; our aim is to help you to enjoy exercising and to increase your body confidence.

Whether you are looking to lose a substantial amount of weight, or just a few pounds, we can sit down together and formulate a plan to ensure you hit your goals. We can provide you with a weight loss specific nutritional plan, lifestyle assessment, fitness programme and of course expert personal training in each and every session.

Don’t worry if you feel you are not fit enough to begin personal training with Commando Fit Ibiza, every single person is at a different fitness level and we will adapt your programme to suit your needs. You will receive an initial fitness assessment before you begin your first session (nothing to worry about), we will then design a progressive and achievable programme with realistic goals.


Exercise should play a vital role both before, during and after your pregnancy. At Commando Fit Ibiza we are trained in exercise prescription for pre and post natal women.

 Pre Natal:

 We will ensure you stay healthy, free of aches and pains and performing appropriate modes of exercise during each stage of pregnancy.

 Pre-natal exercise has plenty of proven benefits some of which are:

  • Avoid gaining excess baby weight Avoid gaining excess baby weight

  • Boost energy levels

  • Get back into shape faster following birth

  • Improved chances of a shorter, uncomplicated labour

  • Improved placental growth

  • Reduced risk of back, pelvis and joint pain

  • Lower chance of high blood pressure

  • Improved sleep patterns

  • Improved posture

  • Reduced chances of experiencing bladder control problems following labour


Post Natal:

 At Commando Fit Ibiza our Personal Trainer can help you to get back to your previous fitness level in as shorter time period as possible, ensuring your programme is both safe and effective.

Some of the benefits of Post Natal training are:

  • Lose excess baby weight

  • Improve strength and muscle tone

  • Switch abdominal muscles back on to develop flat stomach

  • Improve pelvic floor strength to avoid birth related incontinence

  • Improved sense of well-being

  • Correction of any postural changes

  • Increased energy levels


Post-rehabilitation fitness can help those that have injuries or those recovering from injuries to return back their optimum fitness level in the quickest time possible.


At Commando Fit Ibiza we assist your recovery with a carefully designed personal training programme. We will work on stability, balance, joint mobility, gait patterns, cardiovascular and strength exercise and corrective exercise to improve posture and offer some nutritional and lifestyle guidance. We also work alongside other health professionals to give the best possible care and advice.





Commando Fi,t because Neil not only trains your body, but builds your stamina to challenge and push yourself every time, in a subtle way. It's hard core strength supported by the environmental elements of the outdoors. I personally cannot miss one session. Never felt so good in my life! Big thank you to Neil X 

Christelle Ferroud, Ibiza

Neil is Brilliant! He knows just how much to push you and you get great results. Wouldn't be without him!

Fiona Harrold - Author and Business Coach

Total body workout. Like the attitude and he keeps you going. Loved it. Thanks Neil!

Wat Van Lange

Neil really knows what he is doing, as an ex Marine and personal trainer he has tonnes of experience and you can tell…I haven’t done anything like this for years, so obviously at the start I was slightly apprehensive but he is great, he talks you through everything so you know exactly what you are doing, which gives you more confidence to continue. Training is fun, rewarding, tough to begin with but worth it and after only 3 weeks I can already see the weight dropping off and my body toning and shaping! I would recommend Commando Fit Ibiza and Neil in a heart beat! Thankyou! Charlotte Howarth, business owner and Ibiza resident

Charlotte Howarth, Owner of Charlotte's Webb

I had the pleasure of working out with Neil a number of times this summer. Our workouts included training on the beach (HIIT, cardio, upper body and lower body sessions), hiking into the mountains where we completed various exercises along the way and a gym session to work on leg strength.Neil is an excellent trainer and at all times provided both the skills needed for the workouts and also the motivation that is required to keep pushing through hard workouts.I would recommend Neil to anyone who is serious about achieving results and being pushed to reach your maximum potential. His approach is first class, structured and his guidance and advice are second to none. On top of this he is also a really nice guy who makes every workout fun and enjoyable.I look forward to our next training sessions together. James, IT professional, London

James, London

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Commando Fit Ibiza offers elite personal training on the island of Ibiza with Head Trainer Neil Beechey. Our service is discreet, and we are well-used to dealing with high profile clients, so rest assured that you will receive the highest quality service and fitness training.

Neil has over ten years of experience in military and fitness training, having previously managed a successful personal training business in London. An EREPS registered Advanced Personal Trainer, Neil also spent 5 years serving as a Royal Marine Commando. 

Personal training sessions in Ibiza can be arranged at your convenience to take place at either your villa, home, yacht, workplace, or on the beach – it is entirely up to you.

Recommended for: weight loss, body conditioning, strength and sports conditioning, rehabilitation and pre and post natal.

We also offer highly popular personal training holidays and fitness retreats for those who wish to travel alone, these can be tailored to fit your needs and goals. Please email with your requirements and we will be in touch with more information.

Since the resounding success of moving our training sessions online during Covid 19, we are continuing to offer online sessions, please get in touch for more info, or check out our online training page (above tab).


Please contact us with your requirements for personal training in Ibiza or to arrange a free consultation by using the contact form under 'contact', e-mailing: or call or WhatsApp 0034 693 565 666.

personal trainign in Ibiza
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