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Stressed at work, tired of commuting and need to refocus? Do you have an upcoming sports or social event and want to get in shape fast? Or, do you simply want to get back into training and fancy a bit of sunshine during those dreary, winter months?

Personal training holidays are the ideal way to get away from your busy everyday life and recharge in the sunshine. What's more, our Personal Training Holidays are tailor-made to suit you; whether you have a tight schedule and can only fit in a 3 day holiday, or if you want a month recharging on the island, then Commando fit can arrange the ideal fitness holiday to suit your needs.


We can help with your accommodation and transfers, as well as planning a great training schedule, with your preferences in mind, to ensure that you get the most out of your holiday. 


Personal Training Holidays include varied outdoor training sessions: we find that the great outdoors is the ideal training environment, especially here, where Ibiza's stunning scenery and year-round temperate climate make training sessions very motivating and a great stress-reliever. With our insider knowledge of the island, we pick some special, scenic locations to use, and incorporate hikes and trail runs where desired.


Personal Training Holidays are also a popular option for couples and friends, who want to get away for a few days of intense fitness training, in order to get in shape before an upcoming event, such as a Birthday, or wedding.

There are also many trail runs which take place on the island in the winter months (Oct to April) which entice visitors to come and train, with a goal at the end of their trip.


Whatever your reasons for wanting to visit the beautiful white isle, send us a message and we will be able to organise a very memorable fitness holiday, which will leave you feeling reinspired, strong and ready to face the world again!  


For further information and prices email us today:

I had the pleasure of working out with Neil this summer. Our workouts included: training on the beach (HIIT, Cardio, Upper Body and lower body sessions), hiking into the mountains - where we completed various work outs along the way, and a gym session to work specifically on legs (a re quest of mine).

Neil is an excellent trainer and at all times provided both the skills needed for the
work outs and also the motivation that is required to keep pushing through hard work outs.

I would recommend Neil to anyone who is serious about achieving results and being pushed to reach maximum effort in a
work out. His approach is first class, structured and his guidance and advice are second to none. On top of this he is also a really nice guy who makes the works outs fun and enjoyable.



I did a 4 day one on one bootcamp with Neil and it was the best experience ever. After the long London winter, the 4 days I spent in Ibiza exercising were the best way to kick-off the summer mood, exercise routine and good mood. No day was the same - Neil made sure to organize different activities every day and comprehensive circuits that challenged me but also allowed me to keep going and never get bored. Neil is very knowledgeable, both as a trainer and a guide to Ibiza so the bootcamp took me to hikes above St. Eulalia and around Na Xamena, long runs to Cala Llenya and circuit sessions in picturesque locations around the island. I also attended one of Neil's group classes which was great fun and a much appreciated break in my otherwise pretty tough training. Thank you Neil!


Paris and New York

Hello Neil, Thank you very much for a fantastic week. I have been singing your praises back in the UK... 

Noel and Edward

London, UK

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