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    Sophie May Hypnotherapy

Hi, I'm Sophie May, an Ibiza-based qualified hypnotherapist. I am passionate about hypnotherapy and helping my clients to discover the limiting beliefs and suppressed emotions, which are at the root of their issues, fears and difficulties and holding them back from living a more free, fulfilled and happy life. Hypnotherapy can really enable those previously struggling, to step into a new positive identity and mindset, which in turn creates new life opportunities.

After experiencing many sessions personally to overcome past trauma, anxiety and confidence issues - I know that hypnotherapy really works! It works on a deeper level to create lasting change and transformation.

 Hypnotherapy Sessions

My hypnotherapy sessions are holistic and thorough and tailored to each individual for the best transformational results.

I  incorporate NLP techniques, analytical hypnotherapy techniques, mindfulness, breathwork and positive tailored suggestions to help my clients to overcome their issues on a deep, unconscious level, enabling positive changes in their lives.

My hypnotherapy sessions can help with the following issues:

Anxiety and stress


Smoking Cessation



Relationship problems

Weight Loss

Lack of confidence/low self esteem



Pain management


My tailored hypnotherapy sessions are offered as one off sessions, or packages, depending on your needs and requirements. Feel free to get in touch for further information. I am also on Instagram: @sophiemayhypnotherapy


Sophie May xx


' I was lucky enough to have a hypnotherapy session with Sophie, for terrible anxiety, which was heightened by an awful decision we had to make, the covid 19 pandemic and then my husband being diagnosed with an illness... before the session I was anxious to go anywhere - I was only going to work every day and then home. I wasn’t even visiting shops. But now I go out, I go into shops and I don’t mind being around people. Recently, I went to an open air concert with thousands of people and it was great! I have not had any anxiety or panic attacks since the session. Sophie has given me back my confidence and the means to deal with anxiety if it should arise. If I know a stressful day is coming, I think of my session with Sophie and take a few minutes to breathe and go back to my safe place. '

K.M - Surrey


Contact for Hypnotherapy: Whatsapp: (0034) 662 231 027

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