Bespoke Personal Training Holiday

Darryl joined us this week for a 2 day intensive PT holiday, this involved around 5 hours of holistic training per day set across various beautiful locations on the island. We covered an array of training styles including HIIT, boxing / pads, hiking, bootcamp, hill running, kettlebells, TRX suspension training and assisted PNF stretching. Thanks for all your hard work Darryl, we look forward to training with you again soon! If you would like more info on our bespoke pers

San Carlos Trail Run

San Carlos Trail run today, super hilly yet again! 12.5km, came in at 64 minutes, well done to Matt for also completing a very tough course. Oh and check out my number: 007, just call me Bond! #trailrunning #trailibiza #ibiza #running #trails #ibizafitness #personaltrainingibiza #personaltraining #fitnessholidays