Winter Beach Walks

Wow! This winter really has surpassed our expectations so far in terms of the wonderful weather. We have had sunshine most days, and it is just the perfect temperature for walking and exploring the island on foot. In winter, the beaches look so different from the summer months - they are so much more natural and wild and deserted, and you really get to appreciate the sound of the waves and the rugged landscape of the island. Winter skies on Ibiza are pretty remarkable too, w

Christmas In Ibiza

Santa Eulalia is without a doubt the best-dressed town on the island this Christmas! The whole town is lit up with twinkly lights, making for a truly special atmosphere. Even though the weather has been spectacular of late - sunshine every day and temperatures reaching 24 degrees in the sunshine; the evenings are pretty chilly and crisp, which is actually very nice and suits the time of year - perfect for Christmas coffee stops in the square to soak up the Christmassy atmosph

Vegan Delights!

We are excited to see that Ibiza is following suit in the rise of veganism as well as flexitarian diet choices: more and more health food shops are popping up, each with great selections of vegan foods; more and more restaurants and cafes are competing to offer great vegan options on their menus, private chefs are now offering tasty vegan menus, and as the summer season approaches no doubt there will be new vegan offerings scattered about the island. So, rest assured if you a

Bespoke Personal Training Holiday

Darryl joined us this week for a 2 day intensive PT holiday, this involved around 5 hours of holistic training per day set across various beautiful locations on the island. We covered an array of training styles including HIIT, boxing / pads, hiking, bootcamp, hill running, kettlebells, TRX suspension training and assisted PNF stretching. Thanks for all your hard work Darryl, we look forward to training with you again soon! If you would like more info on our bespoke pers

Go! Run Club, Go!

These guys are amazing! Here's a few of the members of our run club posing pre-race! The Ibiza Marathon came back to Santa Eulalia today for the second year running! Our team ran the 12km, with great times! Such an achievement considering that these guys are fairly new to running! The event is so well organised, with bands and dj's playing along the route, we highly recommend it! If you fancy a sporty trip to Ibiza next year, come and join us in the sunshine! #running #trailr

Trail Running Triumph!

Awesome 8km trail run with the run club this morning, and perfect training temperature! Well done gang! This guy is training for the Ibiza Marathon, hence the professional gear! #ibizamarathon #ibiza2018 #ibiza #runclub #ibizarunclub #trail #trailrun #trailrunning #running #ibiza10km #marathontraining #personaltrainingibiza #personaltrainingholiday #personaltraining #personaltrainer #ibizatrainer

Balearic Boxing!

Boxing in the Balearic sunshine this morning with these warriors! Boxing is such a great workout and stress reliever, it's very popular with our personal training clients, we love to hit those pads! #boxing #padwork #boxinggloves #beachboxing #boxercise #punches #punching #cardio #ibiza2018 #ibiza #ibizaboxing #groupboxing #personaltraining #personaltrainer #ibizatrainer

Sunsets, Ibiza-Style!

We never get tired of the beautiful sunsets on the west coast of Ibiza, we are forever taking snaps of the incredible views as the sun goes down on the white isle. Ibiza is infamous for its incredible sunsets, and there are some fabulous spots from which to see this daily spectacle. #ibiza2018 #ibiza #sunsets #westcoast #ibizasunsets #scenery

Villa Group Training in Sunny September!

We had a great time providing daily fitness training for this fantastic group whilst they were here in Ibiza celebrating a special Birthday last week. We trained several times during their week long villa holiday on Ibiza and each large group training session was formulated specifically to suit the clients' training requests. We offer a bespoke training service which caters to all fitness requirements; transforming your holiday into a personalised retreat experience. For more