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Enjoy an exciting new style of fitness retreat on the island of Ibiza and immerse yourself in Commando Fit Ibiza's rewarding, holistic experience: combining fitness training, adventure, relaxation, mindfulness and meditation and daily inspirational workshops. Learn to be the best version of you!

Experience all of this and more whilst staying in a beautiful Spanish finca nestled in the countryside near the east coast of the island of Ibiza.

We aim to inspire you in different aspects of your life, as well as challenging you to reach your fitness potential.

See the real Ibiza - discover its natural beauty and hidden gems; train outdoors in breathtaking scenery; discover the inner you through inspiring workshops; fuel your body with wholesome, nourishing food. All this and much more are offered in a unique Ibiza experience. 

Feel more recharged, energised, empowered, more fit, healthy and ready to take on your new challenges. 

Commando Fit Ibiza's unique fitness and lifestyle retreats offer you perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in a positive, challenging and rewarding retreat experience, whilst having space to refocus and learn the skills and mindset necessary to lead a healthy, positive, more mindful and fulfilling lifestyle.

Why Choose US?

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Commando Fit Ibiza's unique Holistic Fitness Retreats combine the following elements to ensure your experience is fulfilling and a lasting memory:

Unwind in a Beautiful Spanish Finca

We have hand-picked a wonderful Ibicencan finca for Commando Fit Ibiza's retreats: a 200 year old property which has been redesigned to incorporate all of life 's comforts; whilst offering a spacious and tranquil retreat from your busy lives. The finca is hidden away in the beautiful 'campo' and the grounds offer plenty of spots to rest and recoup and take some downtime amidst the vibrantly coloured flowers and gardens. Our villa experience will help you to immerse yourself in the 'true' Ibiza experience.

Enjoy the incredible island scenery whilst you train in some truly stunning locations off the beaten track. We bring our insider knowledge of the island to lead you to some hidden gems, where we will enjoy a varied training session incorporating hiking, circuits and body weight exercises, all with a breathtaking backdop - something that you will never forget!

Challenge Yourself with Varied Daily Fitness Sessions

Enjoy daily challenging fitness training sessions during your time at our retreat. Each session will vary to incorporate functional strength training, core work, flexibility and body conditioning. We will push you to reach your fitness training goals but our sessions will take into account your fitness level and we will offer modifications when necessary.

Inspiring Workshops

Sit back and learn from our inspiring daily workshops on varying topics from: exercise, nutrition, meditation, to self-growth. These workshops will benefit all in looking at their own lives from a different perspective and will offer helpful strategies or tools to aid you in your everyday lives; to make them more fulfilling and a positive experience.

Hike Through Breathtaking Scenery

Ibiza has so many beautiful trails to discover and a great way to see them is through hiking. We know the island well and will lead you through some very memorable routes.

Cycle and Discover Pretty Villages

Ibiza is the perfect island for cycling, with its many caminos and villages to enjoy. We will have an afternoon of exploring the scenic routes on our doorstep.

Mindful Morning Meditation and Stretching/Yoga

No day of ours would ever be complete without a short meditation session. At La Finca we will begin every morning with a relaxing meditation and stretch session to get you ready and in a positive mindset for the day. This is an optional activity, but we do encourage our guests to take this time to refocus and join us on the outdoor deck for a session of reflection. The island's mindfulness and meditation specialist, Ross. will be leading our inspiring workshops on this subject to enlighten you further.

Kayaking by Sunset

Kayaking is an exciting addition to our retreats and offers our guests an afternoon of fun and adventure. Exploring parts of the island by sea, our Kayaking guide will take us on a journey of discovery. If we are lucky enough, we may get to witness one of the island's magnificent sunsets. A truly sensational experience.

Learn Nutritional Cooking

As well as nourishing your body with plant-based healthy meals during your time at our retreat, you will also get the chance to spend an afternoon learning about nutrition and how to prepare simple, wholesome snacks, using a few key ingredients. Lisa, our in house nutritionist and cook, will guide you through a fun few hours, leaving you with the skills and tools to continue with a more healthy and mindful approach to eating.

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The retreat experience programme will last for 6 nights and typically each day will start at 8am and end at 9pm, after which you will have time to relax, unwind and get a restful night's sleep.

Each morning will involve a quick snack breakfast, 20 minute mindful session (optional) and a fitness session, which will have a different focus each day.

A wholesome and delicious brunch will follow, cooked by our nutritionist and in house cook Lisa. 

Late mornings will be the perfect time to sit and listen to our workshop of the day and be inspired. Feel free to take this time to relax if you prefer, but we do encourage guests to join our workshops as part of the retreat experience.

Afternoons will involve an outdoor activity to  get everyone out and about and moving and enjoying the beautiful landscape of the island. 

A delicious, nutritious and filling dinner will be served at 7pm. After which you can while away the remaining hours of the evening in the comfort of the finca. We can arrange a massage or a treatment if you would like to indulge in some pampering. Or, if you prefer to go and explore the local area further. But come back refreshed and ready for the following day!


A typical day

8am – bulletproof coffee, herbal teas, fruit and nuts  and seeds,

8.30am - 8.50am – optional  meditation

9am – 10.30am – training session (kettlebells, circuits, core, boxing, HIIT, woods) followed by long stretching and flexibility

11am - healthy snack of fruit and nuts and seeds

11am – 11.30am - presentation / talk (nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, inspiration, Ibiza, guest)

11.30am – 1pm – wholesome and  hearty brunch

2pm – 5pm afternoon activity (hike, kayak, cycling, scenic training

7pm dinner

8am – bulletproof coffee, herbal teas, fruit and nuts  and seeds,

8.30am - 8.50am – optional  meditation

9am – 10.30am – training session (kettlebells, circuits, core, boxing, HIIT, yoga) followed by long stretching and flexibility

11am – 12.30 - Wholesome and hearty brunch

12.30pm – 1.30pm -presentation / talk (nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, inspiration, Ibiza, guest)

2pm – 5pm afternoon activity (hike, kayak, cycling, scenic training) 

7pm dinner


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