Time To Learn Some New Skills: Yoga

Yoga teacher training is underway here in Kerala, India 🙏 So excited to be here in this beautiful place, learning new skills every day to pass on to my clients. Looking forward to delving deep into my mind and body and all the space in between. See you on the other side... Ommm 🙏🧘‍♂️ #backtoschool #yoga #kerala #personaltrainer #reset #meditation #ibiza #ibizafitness #personaltrainer #india #yoga #wintertravel

Time for our Yearly Adventure! India Here We Come!

We are currently embarking on our winter travels here at Commando Fit Ibiza, enjoying some time off to recharge, and also learning some new health and fitness skills to pass on to our clients in the new year! We will be responding to our messages and are eager to hear from you about personal training, classes, and of course our popular fitness holidays, but please bear with us as we may not be quite as prompt as usual due to dodgy internet connections at times here in India!

Autumn Beach Bootcamps in the Blazing Sunshine!

Terrific Tuesday session with the Bootcamp gang! So much fun training these guys! Who needs a gym?! Feel free to drop us a message and come an train with us if you are on the island. Each session is different and they generally include a mixture of circuits, body weight exercises, kettle bells, and core conditioning. #outdoortraining #fitness #personaltrainer #workout #fitfam #villatraining #training #fitspo #picoftheday #health #healthy #instahealth #healthychoices #ibiza #

Bespoke Personal Training Holidays!

Last weekend, we had the pleasure of welcoming Linda to the island once again, this time to enjoy one of our bespoke personal training holidays. Linda and her daughter scheduled a long weekend of training with us, which included scenic hiking trips in different locations, to introduce them to some fabulous island locations. We also included a healthy, homemade snack pack which was enjoyed enroute, to give our clients a little taste of the local island produce and keep them we

Group Training at Beautiful Villas

Train with your family and friends at your villa in Ibiza, we will bring the gym to you! We are finding that group training sessions are becoming more and more popular as visitors to the island love to balance out their holiday with some fitness sessions with their friends. It could not be easier - role out of bed, to your pool and surroundings and we will have all of our equipment ready and a great workout planned with your fitness requirements taken into account. Sessions a

Beach Bootcamp Sessions In The Sun!

Agility ladder, Slam ball, Resistance bands, Dumbells, Plyometrics all thrown in the mix down on the beach this morning. what a great group of people to train with! #bootcamp #beachbootcamp #ibizabootcamp #beachworkout #personaltraining #personaltrainer #ibizafitness #trainingonthebeach #sunshinesessions

Springfulness Retreat!

Wow! These ladies can throw some serious punches! What a pleasure it was working on this retreat with some lovely guests in a fabulous location! #retreats #fitnessretreat #ibizafitness #personaltrainingibiza #personaltraining #personaltrainer

Rejuvenating Retreat on a Hill Top

Lovely scenery for a great session at the Rejuvenate Retreat at Ibiza Retreat's stunning new hill top location 😀 #personaltraining #retreat #grouptraining#ibizafitness #retreats #ibizafitness #ibizaretreats #grouptraining #groupfitness #personaltraining #personaltrainer #ibizapersonaltrainer #villatraining #fitnessretreats #ibizafitnessretreats

Bespoke Personal Training Holiday

Darryl joined us this week for a 2 day intensive PT holiday, this involved around 5 hours of holistic training per day set across various beautiful locations on the island. We covered an array of training styles including HIIT, boxing / pads, hiking, bootcamp, hill running, kettlebells, TRX suspension training and assisted PNF stretching. Thanks for all your hard work Darryl, we look forward to training with you again soon! If you would like more info on our bespoke pers

San Carlos Trail Run

San Carlos Trail run today, super hilly yet again! 12.5km, came in at 64 minutes, well done to Matt for also completing a very tough course. Oh and check out my number: 007, just call me Bond! #trailrunning #trailibiza #ibiza #running #trails #ibizafitness #personaltrainingibiza #personaltraining #fitnessholidays

Villa Group Training in Sunny September!

We had a great time providing daily fitness training for this fantastic group whilst they were here in Ibiza celebrating a special Birthday last week. We trained several times during their week long villa holiday on Ibiza and each large group training session was formulated specifically to suit the clients' training requests. We offer a bespoke training service which caters to all fitness requirements; transforming your holiday into a personalised retreat experience. For more

Fantastic Fitness Holiday!

This week we had the pleasure of organising an intensive 4 day Personal Training holiday for Francois. We based the training around 5 hours per day as he already had a very high fitness level! We also incorporated various areas of the island into our training sessions for the full Ibiza experience :) We did it all this week: boxing on the cliff, hill sprinting, bootcamp training, beach workouts, strength training in the gym, long distance trail running and plenty of core

A Run With a View!

Here's our team photo at the Ibiza Media Maraton. So impressed with the results of our team! We can't wait for the next event in October; running is such a great way to train outdoors and really make the most of the island's natural beauty. #runningteamfitness #running #teamfitness #runclub #ibiza #ibizafitness #ibizapersonaltrainer #ibiza10km