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Most people are living and working in conditions which are detrimental to their bodies: seated for long periods of time, often stressed and over worked. This can lead to illness, injuries and mental health issues.

It is important for us to move, stretch and exercise as much as possible to allow our bodies and muscles to work effectively.

But, we also need to learn how to move our bodies more efficiently and effectively. We will show you the best mobilisation techniques and stretches that you can do on a daily basis. In doing these daily exercises, you will keep yourself feeling fit, strong, healthy and agile.

Our fitness training will teach you how to move, use and strengthen your body in the most effective, safest and fun way possible.

We use a whole body conditioning approach: using functional training techniques to ensure you not only look great, but feel amazing!

Our key areas of focus will be: mobility, flexibility, strength, cardiovascular improvements, body composition improvements and core conditioning.

Our expert trainer will take you through daily workouts, specifically designed to condition and strengthen your whole body; whilst taking into account any limitations or restrictions you may have as an individual.

Elements included will be: yoga style stretching, functional circuit training, HIIT interval training, boxfit cardio, forest fartlek training (interval training in the campo), fat burning and strength building kettlebell training. All guaranteed to help you to become a stronger and more healthy you!

fitness retreat ibiza
fitness retreat ibiza
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