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Ice-cold Bullet-proof mochaccino

Bullet-Proof Mochaccino

Too hot for your usual bullet-proof coffee to kick-start your morning? We were! So we whizzed up this refreshing, ice-cold mochaccino. Simply add coffee and hot water to your cup and stir, (or make coffee your usual way) then add to the blender with two teaspoons of coconut oil, two teaspoons of raw cacao powder, agave syrup, and plenty of ice! Blend until nice and frothy and serve in an iced glass. Yum! Bullet-proof coffee really helps to wake you up, give you a lengthy burst of energy and trains your body to burn fat for energy. Even better, add a little grass-fed butter too for a more authentic bullet-proof coffee experience, ours is the vegan version. Enjoy your day folks, here at Commando Fit it's another busy day of retreats, personal training and group bootcamps around the island, happy days! :)X

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