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We believe that exercise, healthy nutrition and mindfulness are vital to sustaining a positive mindset and healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. We feel that with time to step away from the pressures of everyday life and with the opportunity to immerse yourself in fulfilling, outdoor fitness pursuits, whilst learning strategies to continually improve and evolve, everyone has the ability to change their lifestyle and to opt for a better route in pursuit of full and complete happiness.

In bringing Commando Fit Ibiza's Holistic Fitness Retreats to the island of Ibiza, we feel that we have the opportunity to help others in reaching their goals in life.

With a love of adventure, the great outdoors, wholesome plant-based foods and all things health and fitness related, we at Commando Fit Ibiza have devised this unique type of fitness experience. With an insider's in-depth island knowledge, we will bring you a unique, holistic experience which will stay with you long after your retreat has ended!

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