Delicious Winter Warmer: Pea, Potato and Pistachio Soup

We created this super tasty and nutritious veggie winter soup at Commando Fit HQ this afternoon. Such simple ingredients and yet so warming and delicious. It contains peas, onion, potatoes, thyme, vegetable stock and lemon juice. Garnished with a little olive oil, Greek yoghurt and pistachios. Served with hot whole meal toast.. delish! #tasty #plantbased #healthyfood #healthyrecipes#healthy #nutrition #personaltrainer #ibiza#ibizapersonaltrainer #instagood #fit #fitfam #fitsp

Vegan Delights!

We are excited to see that Ibiza is following suit in the rise of veganism as well as flexitarian diet choices: more and more health food shops are popping up, each with great selections of vegan foods; more and more restaurants and cafes are competing to offer great vegan options on their menus, private chefs are now offering tasty vegan menus, and as the summer season approaches no doubt there will be new vegan offerings scattered about the island. So, rest assured if you a