Group Training at Beautiful Villas

Train with your family and friends at your villa in Ibiza, we will bring the gym to you! We are finding that group training sessions are becoming more and more popular as visitors to the island love to balance out their holiday with some fitness sessions with their friends. It could not be easier - role out of bed, to your pool and surroundings and we will have all of our equipment ready and a great workout planned with your fitness requirements taken into account. Sessions a

Rejuvenating Retreat on a Hill Top

Lovely scenery for a great session at the Rejuvenate Retreat at Ibiza Retreat's stunning new hill top location 😀 #personaltraining #retreat #grouptraining#ibizafitness #retreats #ibizafitness #ibizaretreats #grouptraining #groupfitness #personaltraining #personaltrainer #ibizapersonaltrainer #villatraining #fitnessretreats #ibizafitnessretreats

Villa Group Training in Sunny September!

We had a great time providing daily fitness training for this fantastic group whilst they were here in Ibiza celebrating a special Birthday last week. We trained several times during their week long villa holiday on Ibiza and each large group training session was formulated specifically to suit the clients' training requests. We offer a bespoke training service which caters to all fitness requirements; transforming your holiday into a personalised retreat experience. For more

Stretching Post-Workout

We always finish off our training sessions with a post workout stretch. This will ease the delayed onset of muscle soreness (DOMS), increase flexibility and gradually reduce the heart rate after the hard work has been done. It is is such an important part of your workout, don't miss it out! #stretch #postworkout #doms #grouptraining #personaltraining #ibizatrainer #health #fitfamily #yogaposes